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2.3. The Github Package

2.3.1. Using the Github Package

The Github package is designed to be a straightforward interface for working with Github. It is based on version 3 of the Github API. You can find documentation on the API at
JGithub is built upon the JHttp package which provides an easy way to consume URLs and web services in a transport independent way. JHttp currently supports streams, sockets and CURL. It is possible to create a custom context and inject it into the JGithub class if one so desires. Instantiating JGithub

Instantiating JGithub is easy:
$github = new JGithub;
This creates a basic JGithub object that can be used to access publically available resources on
Sometimes it is necessary to specify additional options. This can be done by injecting in a JRegistry object with your preferred options:
$options = new JRegistry;
$options->set('api.username', 'github_username');
$options->set('api.password', 'github_password');

$github = new JGithub($options); Accessing the JGithub APIs

The Github package is still incomplete, but there are four object APIs that have currently been implemented:
Pull Requests
Once a JGithub object has been created, it is simple to use it to access Github:
$pullRequests = $github->pulls->getList('joomla', 'joomla-platform');
This will retrieve a list of all open pull requests in the specified repository. A More Complete Example

See below for an example demonstrating more of the JGithub package:
$options = new JRegistry;
$options->set('api.username', 'github_username');
$options->set('api.password', 'github_password');
$options->set('api.url', '');

$github = new JGithub($options);

// get a list of all the user's issues
$issues = $github->issues->getList();

$issueSummary = array();

foreach ($issues AS $issue)
	$issueSummary[] = '+ ' . $issue->title;

$summary = implode("\n", $issueSummary);

$github->gists->create(array('issue_summary.txt' => $summary)); More Information

The following resources contain more information:
Joomla! API Reference
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