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2.9. The Model-View-Controller Packages

2.9.1. Introduction

Version 12.1 of the platform introduced a new format for model-view-controller paradigm. Principly, the classes JModel, JView and JController are now interfaces and the base abstract classes are now JModelBase, JViewBase and JControllerBase respectively. In additional, all classes have been simplified removing a lot of coupling with the Joomla CMS that is unnecessary for standalone Joomla Platform applications.
All the API for controllers, models and views has moved from the Application package into separate Controller, Model and View packages respectively. Much of the API previously devoted to adding include paths for each of the classes has been removed because of improvements in the auto-loader or by registering or discovering classes explicitly using JLoader.
Controllers only support one executable task per class via the execute method. This differs from the legacy JController class which mapped tasks to methods in a single class. Messages and redirection are not always required so have been dropped in this base class. They can be provided in a downstream class to suit individual applications. Likewise, methods to create models and views have been dropped in favor of using application or package factory classes.
Models have been greatly simplified in comparison to their legacy counterpart. The base model is nothing more than a class to hold state. All database support methods have been dropped except for database object support in JModelDatabase. Extended model classes such as JModelAdmin, JModelForm, JModelItem and JModelList are part of the legacy platform. Most of their function has been replaced by API availble in the Content package also new in 12.1.
Views have also been greatly simplified. Views are now injected with a single model and a controller. Magic get methods have been dropped in favor of using the model directly. Similarly, assignment methods have also been dropped in favor of setting class properties explicitly. The JViewHtml class still implements layout support albeit in a simplified manner.