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  • Project: Joomla!
  • SubProject: com_weblinks
  • Severity:moderate
  • Versions: 1.5.7 and all previous 1.5 releases
  • Exploit type: XSS
  • Reported Date: 2008-November-9
  • Fixed Date: 2008-November-10


com_weblinks allows raw HTML into the title and description tags for weblink submissions (from both the administrator and site submission forms). 

Affected Installs

All 1.5.x installs prior to and including 1.5.7 are affected.


Upgrade to latest Joomla! version (1.5.8 or newer).

Reported By Gergo Erdosi


The JSST at the Joomla! Security Center.

Current Release

Legacy Release

Note: View known compatibility Issues

Current Release: 1.1.0

Upcoming Release: 1.2

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