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Every project will have issues arise that need to be addressed. Joomla provides an easy to use method for tracking and fixing these issues

Reporting an Issue

One of the first things necessary is to report issues. Issues can't be fixed if no one is aware of them. As you use Joomla or develop with Joomla if an issue arises, you should follow these easy steps for reporting an issue.


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Issues Fixed

Here are the details of the issues fixed in recent Joomla releases.

Joomla! 3.7 is still in development but we’re already thinking forward and are calling contributors for Joomla! 4. This will be an evolution of the Joomla! series with the goals of improving the user experience, improving the code quality and reducing bugs. 

Start contributing to Joomla! 4, a developers look

As news came out today that there’s a vulnerability on HTTP_PROXY infecting CGI application on PHP, Python, Go and others known as httpoxy. The Production Leadership Team and the Joomla! Project wants to raise awareness of this to it’s users.

The Joomla! core itself is not affected in any way by this vulnerability, but third party extensions using specific PHP libraries might be. As of now we have no further information on which third parties extensions may use any affected libraries, so we ask all of our users to check with their extension providers to see if their extension might be affected. The HTTP protocol is used to make requests for information on the Internet, such as to load a web page, image file, or data from a RESTful API.

More information on the vulnerability can be found at :

For example we know the Guzzle library (a very popular one) is affected, therefore it’s recommended to update the library as soon as possible. For this specific library you can find a fix on github at the following link : or via Composer.

If you are not sure what libraries are used by your Third Party extension providers, please contact them. If you see updates in the next few days from these developers, please apply them.

Joomla! raises awareness on the HTTP_PROXY vulnerability