There are many ways to volunteer with Joomla. Below are three categories to get you started within the CMS. Select the one most appropriate for your interest and abilities and get started contributing today!

I'm a User


The first thing necessary to do when beginning to get involved with Joomla! is to understand where things are. The issue tracker provides a great way to understand the current issues or questions being asked of the current version of Joomla, as well as past versions. Our documentation is available for anyone to edit and add new pages. We also have a mailing list on Google Groups, where we can discuss bigger issues together.

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Join the squad

Once you have gotten familiar with the different areas, the next step is to join! The process is quite simple and all you have to do is email our Joomla! Bug Squad (JBS) coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and he'll get you started. That being said, Joomla! development is open to anyone and you don't have to be a JBS member to help, but you will get access to some extra features to make contributing easier/quicker.

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Start helping

We recommend starting small and finding an area in which you're interested. There are many different things that you can do, such as report bugs, test fixes, write documentation, and more. There are also plenty of docs to get you started regarding running Joomla! locally, reporting a bugtesting fixes, and other useful tools in our docs. Testing bug fixes is probably the area in which we could most use your help, since it's a usually a bottle-neck for other tasks. If you need another suggestion or want some advice, send us a message on our mailing list.

Try Testing a Fix


I'm a Developer

Learn Joomla! Code Structure

As a developer it is also important to understand the steps outlined for the User section previously. Review the three areas listed above to ensure a thorough knowledge before proceeding with development. Understanding more about how Joomla! structures code is vital to the contribution process. Learn how code should be formatted to be prepared for when you begin submitting code to Joomla. You can learn about Joomla's Coding Standards here.

Joomla! Coding Standards

Fix Bugs

Often one of the first areas for developers to get involved is addressing issues which have already been raised. This provides a simple easy to understand method for beginning your Joomla! contributions. On a technical note, we recommend using git to post fixes for bugs. Our Git for Coders tutorial will get you started and walk you through the setup process.

Git for Coders

Contribute New Features

Joomla! development is a very open and collaborative process. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to propose new features to the CMS. Although it might feel overwhelming when beginning to understand the best place to start, once you've begun you'll find yourself quickly improving many different aspects of Joomla. To get started, familiarize yourself with the new feature contribution process.

Contribute to Joomla!


I'm a Business

Learn how to contribute

If you would like to see a specific new feature in Joomla! but you are not able to develop it yourself, there is the opportunity to fund a developer to program the feature. It is important to keep in mind that although this is an opportunity to see desired features incorporated into Joomla, the steps for this are the same as for any other new feature, and no new feature is guaranteed to be accepted.

Contribute to Joomla!

Hire developers to code

Hire a developer to program the new feature. You could use the Joomla! Resources Directory (JRD) as one possible way to find qualified developers. You could also coordinate with the Joomla! Production Department to find possible developer candidates. Note that the choice of a developer and the contract arrangements are entirely up to you.

Joomla! Resources Directory

Donate your dev time

If you're interested in devoting your developer's time to the Joomla! project you should contact the Production Department to get started. The Production Department for Joomla! helps coordinate the efforts of developers with businesses interested in donating to Joomla. Joomla! is always interested in seeing more developers join and as a business the opportunity to help the project with your developers' time is an incredible option.

Contact the Production Department

Joomla! values community feedback for catching and reporting issues in the CMS. The bug tracker provides a central location for reporting these issues.

Where to report an issue

The Joomla! Issue Tracker is the current location where issues are tracked and you can report new issues here. This tracker is used for all Joomla! releases. More detailed instructions regarding this process can be found in the Joomla! documentation here.

How to report an issue

When you believe you’ve found a problem in the CMS the first thing you can do is to check the bug tracker to see if that particular issue has been listed already. This can easily be done on the tracker by filtering the list of known and pending issues. Once you’ve verified there are no other current listings for an issue you can then post it.

Important Note

When reporting a security issue in Joomla! an email should be sent to the Joomla! Security Strike Team (JSST) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through the JSST contact form. This is a private mailing list accessible only to highly trusted long-time Joomla! developers.

Joomla! has a thriving community to provide unparalleled community support. Below are some of the ways you can find answers to your questions and get specific help.

Joomla! Forums

The Joomla! discussion forums are a great place to ask questions about your Joomla! website. With over 600,000 members there are sure to be people ready and able to answer any questions you may have. If you are unsure of where to look first, check out the forums.

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Mailing Lists

Another active source of information are the Joomla! Mailing Lists. These mailing lists are a great way to send an email to a large number of helpful Joomla! members. Below are the two main mailing lists available along with their primary purpose.

General Mailing
If you have general questions about Joomla, how to use it, or how to integrate it, then this mailing list will allow you to quickly ask your question. You can also keep track of others questions and start to become more involved with others in this great community.

General Mailing List

CMS Mailing
If there are questions you have which are directly related to the CMS then this mailing list can be a great source of answers and advice. Trade tips and insights with other CMS users on this CMS specific mailing list.

CMS Mailing List

Tracker Issues

Beyond the forums and mailing lists there is also the option of posting a problem, or bug to the Joomla! Tracker. This issue tracker provides a great opportunity to post a specific or known bug in the CMS and get answers and code back (as well as providing specific code solutions to the next CMS release).

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Joomla! provides a number of technical documents and other resources to help you better understand the code.

Joomla! Docs

Joomla! has put together an extensive online wiki to organize the support documentation associated with the CMS. Detailed sections are broken down depending on your user level.

The beginners section will help to answer basic questions for those users just beginning their work with Joomla.

Read Beginner Docs

The developers section will help to answer more technical questions about Joomla! and provides detailed articles in regards to the code and functionality included in Joomla.

Read Developer Docs

The designers section pays special attention to the user interface and user experience sections of Joomla. If you have questions about the design aspects of Joomla! this section will help.

Read Designer Docs

The administrators section will help to answer specific questions related to managing and maintaining your Joomla! site.

Read Administrator Docs

If you are looking to make a decision about the CMS you should use for your company or organization then this section will help provide information relevant to your questions.

Read Evaluator Docs

Have other questions, be sure to review the entire Joomla! Documentation Wiki.

The Joomla! CMS has a couple of places from which you can download the latest CMS versions. Below is a list of locations where you can find Joomla.

Joomla! Downloads Portal

If you would like to download the files already built into an easy zip file format you can download them directly from On this portal, you’ll find the most recent release of the Current stable version and all the Legacy versions. If you wish to browse specific packages, including every release since 1.0, you can do so by visiting the Downloads section.

GitHub Repository

Alternatively if you are interested in looking at the files before you download or would rather review and download direct you can do so from the Joomla! GitHub repository. In the repository you can use the tags feature to select the version of the code you wish to download.

Note: Nightly builds

Nightly builds are available from and can be used to test both new installs and updates from previous releases. These packages should not be used in production environments.