Whenever I update the core ore start a new site from scratch I need to go to /includes/framework.php and add the lines

jimport( 'my_lib.my_functions'); //debuggin function usable everywhere
jimport( 'my_lib.my_objects'); //class myHTML with helpful frontend objects

then I go to /administrator/includes/framework.php and repeat this.

Please let us edit these lines in the backend (global config/system), in order to keep an installation updatable without the need of editing core files.
Opened On:
18 Mar 2008, 2:53 by Mathias Hopf
Closed On:
4 Feb 2010, 2:46


Posted on 5 May 2008, 2:24 by Mathias Hopf
This is an issue. I use some libraries of my own and with every update (on thre to five installations) i have to change core code manually every time.
Posted on 4 Feb 2010, 2:45 by Hannes Papenberg
This can easily be done by a plugin. Closing this report.
Posted on 22 Feb 2010, 22:41 by Mathias Hopf
I value your opinion, but its just not true.
This can only be done by plugin if you deal with libraries which offer functions you need after the first plugin is loaded.
One of my libraries I have to deal with is a database wrapper with certain debugging functions. How could this be loaded by a plugin? Only way to have this loaded is a core hack in both framework.php. This way libraries are loaded before the database is initialised. It would be possible (and easy to implement) to have a list in configuration.php.