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i think gettext is more powerful than ini file format, especially for translators
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3 Aug 2008, 8:35 by Andrea Zagli


Posted on 11 Feb 2009, 12:35 by Miloš Komarčević
I'd like to second this, the current i18n system is not up to the challenge to support many non-western languages properly.

A good example is different plural forms:

I think the Joomla! community, including developers and translators, can only benefit from switching to gettext and using its rich background and available tools that so many other open source projects rely on.
Posted on 8 Mar 2010, 2:39 by Ruben Goethals
I also have much better experiences with gettext than the current joomla way and I speak of as well as gettext-development as -administrator experience.

One thing I find myself very interesting is that a developer could use the basic translations for other extensions without much fuss. Hell, you can even use translations from one extension in the other.

Another thing is that there are already a lot of existing management and other tools for gettext, including working on translations in group! Really sweet for teamwork, I promise! :-)

Core joomla developers can still digest the ini files and store the translations in gettext DB after installation of components.
(I heard some rumors about sticking to ini-files for this reason.)

In other words,for me this is:
- easier for (extension) developers
- a (faster) database approach
- (controlled) cross-use translations
- compatible
- and much more, as well inside and outside

I even think I read somewhere that you can make gettext use mysql and other databases. (If it's not default already.)