This might be a bug and can be easily checked. But i only noticed this issue 1.5 months after migrating my data.

now that i have migrated to joomla 2.5 i discovered i cannot search my K2 articles. I can also not read them in the front end.

I discovered that none of the articles or categories have access rights assigned (ie public, registered, special)

To fix it i used a mysql script to add access right in. this fixed the problem.

If anyone else has this problem, not being able to search or view K2 articles this is the issue but might of been caused by jupgrade as it is the only i think i have used on k2 since joomla 1.5

I think i used 2.5, but i am not 100%
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19 Feb 2012, 13:10 by shoulders shoulders

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  • 1.5 to 1.6
  • Apache 2.2.x
  • com_jupgrade
  • Firefox 3.x
  • MySQL 5.0.x
  • PHP 5.2.x


Posted on 15 Jun 2013, 14:25 by carlos martins
Hello, how u solved it?