Many properties of object "article" missing when triggering onContentPrepare in views "featured" and "category."
I also need these properties - id, catid, slug, catslug, images, title,...
Introtext is not enought.
Opened On:
27 Dec 2012, 3:18 by Todor Iliev
Closed On:
25 Apr 2014, 10:33

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Posted on 27 Dec 2012, 3:49 by Todor Iliev
Here you are a link to the Pull Request.
Posted on 27 Mar 2013, 20:03 by Nick Savov
Thanks for coding this, Todor!

I'm moving this from Open to Pending, since we have a pull request.
Posted on 25 Apr 2014, 10:33 by Brian Teeman

closing as the related PR has been closed