On environment that memcached php driver is installed the global configuration is broken page.
Here is pull request that fix the issue:
Opened On:
26 Apr 2013, 6:00 by Ofer Cohen
Closed On:
26 Apr 2013, 9:19
Fixed in SVN/GitHub

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  • PHP 5.4.x
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Posted on 26 Apr 2013, 9:19 by Jean-Marie Simonet
Obvious typo. Corrected in 2.5.x Thanks.
Posted on 26 Apr 2013, 16:25 by klas 10
This change is wrong as memcache and memcahced are 2 different extensions to connect to mecached server

You would need to add another very similar driver for memcached
Posted on 26 Apr 2013, 16:44 by klas 10
False alert, my mistake, sorry. I thought change is on memcache driver.