This PR adds the extra feature proposed in the JUX code sprint after the creation of search tools. Hide the sidebar menu because we observed that the same options were in the top navigation menu. This makes all the available area usable for columns. We decided to keep the menu for mobile devices where we think it's still useful. Currently this is only applied to those views that have lready have the new search tools applied.

See PR for screenshots

Opened On:
24 Oct 2013, 2:26 by Brian Teeman
Closed On:
23 Aug 2014, 8:04


Posted on 24 Oct 2013, 2:28 by Brian Teeman

The code was submitted by Roberto I just did the entry here on the tracker so

@test thanks Roberto - works well for me
Posted on 24 Oct 2013, 3:58 by Beat

As we have 2 successful tests on the PR, updating status here to Ready For Review.
Posted on 20 Feb 2014, 5:37 by Brian Teeman

I really would like to see this PR resurrected and considered for 3.3
Posted on 23 Aug 2014, 8:04 by Brian Teeman

Thank you for your contribution. We have now moved our tracking process to so please do not update the issue here. The link on the new tracker for this issue is