the error when i install a language with postgresql as db


Database query failed (error # %s): %s SQL=SELECT "update_id" FROM "puj8g_updates" WHERE element = 'it-IT' AND type = 'language' AND client_id = '' AND folder = ''
Opened On:
4 Apr 2014, 3:43 by Andrea Zagli
Closed On:
19 Jul 2014, 6:41

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  • Apache 2.2.x
  • Database
  • No Platform Implications
  • PHP 5.4.x
  • Postgres


Posted on 24 Apr 2014, 10:08 by Brian Teeman

Was this during the installation process or using the language manager after Joomla was installed?
Posted on 26 Apr 2014, 6:30 by Andrea Zagli

after joomla was installed
Posted on 30 Apr 2014, 7:03 by Brian Teeman

Please test again with also with you can't reproduce the issue in both cases, then we can close this one.
Posted on 19 Jul 2014, 6:41 by Brian Teeman

As it has been considerable time since this issue was raised and with no other reports or cofirmations I am closing this issue.
Posted on 19 Jul 2014, 6:42 by Brian Teeman

Also see 33675 it looks like a curl issue
Posted on 16 Oct 2014, 5:57 by Andrea Zagli

just tried joomla 3.3.6 and the problem persists

it is a very simple sql error: client_id is numeric so it cannot be compared with a string