public static function getUser($id = null)
$instance = self::getSession()->get('user');
if (is_null($id))
if (!($instance instanceof JUser))
$instance = JUser::getInstance();
elseif ($instance->id != $id)
$instance = JUser::getInstance($id);
return $instance;

When I write a unit test case for a function, which has the code JFactory::getUser(); inside, then I need to set user in session. Otherwise session does not contain anything, and return NULL on first line of function. If $instance is null then it gets an error for "Accessing undefined property on on non-object" ($instance->id ).

There should be a check before using "elseif ($instance->id != $id)"


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Opened On:
15 Oct 2014, 0:50 by Gaurav Jain
Closed On:
15 Oct 2014, 1:35

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Posted on 15 Oct 2014, 1:35 by Thomas Hunziker

This Tracker is no longer used. A GitHub issue is all that is needed. Closing the issue.