1. I set any module (RandomImage for example) to show only on main page.
2. I add testing article and set it to show on main page.
3. I add this article to main menu.

4. When I click on article header on main page, I can read full article, but module (randomimage) is still here (i think it's bug) !
5. When I click on article in menu, everything is OK.

6. Article header and menu link have not same destination URL!

Opened On:
17 May 2007, 1:11 by Petr Snobelt
Closed On:
8 Jan 2011, 22:37

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  • MySQL 5.0.x
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Posted on 8 Jan 2011, 22:37 by Bahadur Singh
It does not seem to be a bug, If you module options for Random Image module in Admin Control Panel,
2.In menu assignment option, select menu from list option and just select Home,or any other pages where else you would want to show the module, apply to save.
Now random image will only display at home page and when you open any other page/article random image will disappear.