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Version 2.5.15 Release Notes

Category Link Title
Administration 30664 User Categories helps screen strings missing
Administration 27830 Loss of checked item in user registration back end {patch for 2.5 available]}
Authentication and Login 30586 Usernames that should not be accepted can be actualy registered.
Authentication and Login 31410 Warnings at the offline screen looks bad.
Authentication and Login 31411 Show Offline image only if it exists
Authentication and Login 32199 *Allow username edit in profile edit when username is not compliant
Authentication and Login 31716 Offline template: "remember me" checkbox not removed when plugin disabled
CMS Libraries 31786 get_html_translation_table requires encoding value for PHP 5.4
CMS Libraries 31630 email cloaking inserts space (2.5.13)
Code Quality 31724 Error pages: charset not defined - XSS risk
Components 31826 "Size" column in Maintenance > Clear Cache is incorrect
Components 31896 Stupid return in contact component table
Components 31604 Invalid column name 'RowNumber' from articles model with MS SQL Server
Components 28214 Menu Items Could be Saved without Menu Item Type
Front End 31360 The site is offline but anyhow the error page will show (e.g. at a 404 error)
Front End 27824 Offline image overflow
Installation 31193 Errors when using "localise.sql" files - J2.5
Media Manager 31622 *Media Manager doesn't cope with folder names that include spaces
Modules 31914 mod_footer - replacement in language override string doesn`t work correct
Modules 28349 Incorrect ordering in Newsflash module

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