Version 2.5.17 Release Notes

Category Issue # Title
Components 32896 Update input.php (2.5.x)
None 26551 Multiple instances of script and css declarations with enabled caching
None 29791 Space inside extension manifest / server> xml node caused unclear / confusing error message
None 30419 using foreach with nonarray in com_finder's feed view
None 30576 $isNew not being passed to onContentBeforeSave
None 30648 Incorrect ID for trash toolbar button when message is added
None 31055 Smart Search does not remove search phrases from index when saving an article
None 32488 Bug in JHttp Library causes broken updater
None 32562 Version of Joomla not corrected in joomla.sql in Joomla 2.5.16
None 32576 Wrong Recaptcha URLs causing broken captcha
None 32599 Register Email multilingual Problem in Joomla! 2.5.16
None 32608 After update 2.5.14=>2.5.16 the com_update produces errors
None 32688 Fatal error: Call to undefined method ReflectionProperty::setAccessible()
None 32812 *Wrong JText causes double string use
None 32866 Fixing broken routing due to missing language parameter
None 32868 Trashed categories create a fatal error when creating URLs to them, URLs to contact categories are wrong
None 32941 *Multilingual: solving 404 when Remove URL Language Code is set to YES
Plugins 28349 Incorrect ordering in Newsflash module