Version 3.1.0 Release Notes

Category Issue # Title
Administration 29417 sendMail automatically adds sender as replyTo
Administration 29736 Bootstrap carousel undefined method JHtmlBootstrap::_getJSObject in bootstrap.php
Administration 29770 com_config component missing triggers on save
Administration 29916 MySQL connections are not closed
Administration 30262 Add PostgreSQL schema for tags, sync with MySQL, update script additions
Administration 30410 Notice: Array to string conversion in Tags View
Administration 30427 Remove 1.5 html methods from com_newsfeeds
Administration 30446 Fix Strict warning `Attribute already exists`
Administration 30654 SQL Error in running smart search indexer
Components 29970 Robots.txt check url no more working
Components 30062 Base Item option in mod_menu has no effect [regression]
Components 30104 Messages close button in Isis
Components 30241 Horizontal scroll appears when in edit articles
Components 30243 Add TAGs in front end articles single view in BEEZ3
Components 30323 tag created iso selected with ajax interface when using keyboard only selection
Components 30328 AJAX field improvements/fixes
Components 30346 *Contact creator does not include default language 'All' for the contact created
Components 30349 Cleaned up use of database & query objects
Components 30362 Fix code style in admin modules: mod_latest
Components 30387 Remove compact.xml