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Version 3.2.0 Release Notes

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Administration 27476 Menu types view not sorted alphabetically
Administration 32150 tag added to an article gets removed if ordering changed or in batch processing
Administration 32221 Versions button vs Cancel button
Administration 27830 Loss of checked item in user registration back end {patch for 2.5 available]}
Administration 31074 Finder Indexer doesn't work + gives error at saving articles
Administration 30752 J! Update component - > empty custom URL causes error, fix possible only in database
Administration 31382 Added min-width to (bootstrap) radio buttons to prettify settings
Administration 32410 Options button not working in Joomla 3.2.0 beta 2
Administration 28234 Addition of notification in Media Manager regarding folder name for Create Folder.
Administration 31850 The parent item search ajax based on menu location
Administration 32368 *Regression: Cancelling Component Options edit wrong redirect
Administration 31853 Media Manager menu disappeared in 'Content' menu
Administration 32019 Incorrect component_id for separator items
Administration 32073 Change +1 to 1
Administration 31963 Incorrect or inconsistent characters in "close ink" text on alert info popups
Administration 30535 The tag shows itself as a parent tag choice, when it shouldn't
Administration 31828 Missing error message in single article menu item
Administration 31412 We can't look what "search results" have searches that are not viewed in first pagination page
Administration 30815 Check updates for extensions causes long list in Apache error.log
Administration 32342 Fix wrong pluralization

Achal Aggarwal, Akarawuth Tamrareang, Alan Hicks, Aleksander Linkov, alex marin, Alexandru Pruteanu, Anthony THERREAU, Ashan Fernando, Beat , bernard saulme, Brian Teeman, Bruno Batista, Bud Manz, Buddhima Wijeweera, Carsten Wirtz, Chad Windnagle, Constantin Romankiewicz, David Hurley, David Jardin, Dennis Hermacki, Don Gilbert, Elijah Madden, Elin Waring, Fedik Zinchuk, Frank Delventhal, Gary Mort, George Wilson, Gunjan Patel, Hannes Papenberg, Hervé Boinnard, Janich Rasmussen, Javier Gómez, Jean-Marie Simonet, John Smith, Jonathan Cameron, Jonny Roger, Jozsef Tamas Herczeg, Jurian Even, Kevin Griffiths, Lara Petersen, Lasindu Charith, Marc Antoine Thevenet, Marcel van Beelen, Marco Richter, Marijke Stuivenberg, Mark Dexter, Matias Griese, Matt Thomas, Matthew Baylor, Michael Babker, Mohammad Hasani Eghtedar, Nicholas Dionysopoulos, Nick A., Nick Savov, Nikolai Plath, Ofer Cohen, Peter Martin, Peter van Westen, Peter Wiseman, Philip Schell, PhÆ°Æ¡ng Lê, Piotr Konieczny, Piotr Mocko, Piotr Roszatycki, Ram Tripathi, Richard McDaniel, Richard Pigden, Rob de Cleen, Robert Deutz, Robert Gastaud, Roberto Segura, Roland Dalmulder, Sander Potjer, Sergio Manzi, Stefan Wendhausen, Stefania Gaianigo, Tessa Mero, Thomas Hunziker, Thomas Jackson, Tito Alvarez, Tobias Zulauf, Tom Hutchison, Troy Hall, Valentin Despa, Yannick Gaultier.

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