Version 3.2.0 Release Notes

Category Issue # Title
Administration 28234 Addition of notification in Media Manager regarding folder name for Create Folder.
Administration 31097 module chrome for html5 contains incomplete class declaration.
Administration 31193 Errors when using "localise.sql" files - J2.5
Administration 31530 Hathor: No tag filters in table overviews of article, categories, newsfeed, weblinks or contact
Administration 31772 Sync Http package to Platform 13.1
Administration 31850 The parent item search ajax based on menu location
Administration 31953 Remove unused language strings in com_weblinks
Administration 31983 Fix regression due to [31894]
Administration 31997 Add content history versions to com_tags.
Administration 32315 *regression: Notices or fatal errors for categories menu item display
Administration 32375 Regression 3 column blog layout - prototsar
Administration 32434 Various code styling fixes
Administration 32478 ConfigModelComponent class was moved without deprecation period, result in fatal error
Components 28348 Don't hard code IDs for update SQL menu items
Components 30103 Cannot delete web site entry for a contact
Components 30535 The tag shows itself as a parent tag choice, when it shouldn't
Components 30934 Language Pack Install fail on Joomla V3.1.1 with PostGreSQL DB Backend
Components 31005 Move JMenu, JRouter, and JPathway to the CMS tree
Components 31480 Dropdown look and fix in Message Select user modal view
Components 31604 Invalid column name 'RowNumber' from articles model with MS SQL Server