Version 3.2.2 Release Notes

Category Issue # Title
Administration 33183 Field type of ImageList is not filtering images
Administration 33184 *Error when creating New Menu Group called 'Menu'
Administration 33200 Improved if/else structure related to sidebar
Administration 33212 Incorrect table ordering value for Status column in plugins manager
Components 32892 remove empty column in User Manager: Viewing Access Levels
Components 33044 JHelperContent::getActions() function improvements
Joomla! Libraries 33081 Get rid of including phpunit classes from pear
Joomla! Libraries 33086 *Guest Access should not be available for Content Languages
Modules 33078 Void blank file index.html
None 31857 Smart search plugins
None 31873 [JAPPS*] [NOT-A-FR] [SERVER] Server-side implementation (that's where the server-side review can be done)
None 31874 [JAPPS*] [2] [UX] "Install from web" Joomla installer: UX and phase 1 version 1 UI (User interface only)
None 31875 [JAPPS*] [1] [CLIENT] Add "Install from web" installation method to Joomla installer (client-side impllementation)
None 31881 Can not add class attribute to options in JForm list field
None 32318 Decouple com_contact from com_content
None 32376 Login Redirect Loop
None 32443 Wrong class for ‘Cookie Liftime’ button in plg : System - Language Filter
None 32469 JHtml::_('bootstrap.tooltip') doesn't accept 'container' parameter as string
None 32611 JFilterInput function _cleanAttributes throws a strict standard warning
None 32638 Improving code for Smart Search Module