Version 3.2.3 Release Notes

Category Issue # Title
Administration 33200 Improved if/else structure related to sidebar
Components 33074 Invalid attribute width inside and additionally obsolete attributes
Components 33281 Complete #3080 (Github) and #33254 (JC): Broken ordering in backend
Components 33308 [3.x] Searchtools open after login on articles & categories views
Joomla! Libraries 31935 Use JDatabaseQuery
None 30490 Spacer field with hr=true doesn't show the line in component/template settings
None 31910 Missing order clause in update and delete query
None 32179 Version comparison in installer is not future proof
None 32265 Update chosen.js to v0.14
None 32469 JHtml::_('bootstrap.tooltip') doesn't accept 'container' parameter as string
None 32526 Smart Search: wrong URL with wrong itemID for multilingual site and SEF enabled
None 32730 Change in libraries/joomla/form/fields/calendar.php causing wrong date format
None 32748 JPagination hardcoded html
None 32829 The statistics popup form com_finder is not full translatable
None 33068 More fixes and cleanup for cookie authentication (aka remember me)
None 33096 Improved Joomla! extensions update handling of paid for extensions
None 33121 PHP notice: Undefined variable: parts in ajax interface response
None 33193 Content plugins cannot distinguish between category list title and description in 3.2
None 33230 Extension Manager reports warning if memory_limit set to -1
None 33233 Check if $module is an object in JModuleHelper::renderModule()