Version 3.3.0 Release Notes

Category Issue # Title
Administration 32994 Create JHtml::_('behavior.core') to decouble core.js from mootools framework
Administration 33428 make() method for component router interface
Administration 33468 JFormFieldTextarea error in __set magic method overload
Administration 33472 *RTL issue when using firefox
Administration 33514 [3.x] Change backend article ordering to id descending
Components 32995 JDatabaseQueryElement "union" not working
Components 33332 Invalid language keys for registration password and confirm password fields
Components 33385 Move getControlGroups into a JLayout
Components 33391 Simplify code in configure edit screen in com_content
Components 33497 Use non-deprecated methods for rendering fields
Components 33535 Fixed dropdownlist generating extra
Joomla! Libraries 33408 GitHub: Strong dependancy on Hathor without checks. #3223 / #3225
Joomla! Libraries 33458 SmartSearch evaluating unconfigurable menu item parameters
None 29475 Warning: curl_setopt_array() [function.curl-setopt-array]:
None 29718 Missing support for Input Append Chosen Select Boxes
None 29782 Tabstop bug
None 29909 Creating proper SEF suffixes for menu items
None 30197 class hide-phone for active numeric pagination items
None 30342 Small improvement in mod_custom to remove some hardcode
None 30423 com_search does not search for TAGS