Version 3.3.1 Release Notes

Category Issue # Title
Administration 31603 Move Observercalls from cms.php to proper table classes
Administration 31952 Various language string updates for users
Administration 32295 In IE the gradient background on the login-page won't display.
Administration 33338 Fix wrong results returned by JLanguageAssociations->isEnabled
Components 30845 Inconsistent element ID in JFormFieldUserGroup
Components 31127 *Protostar template does not highlight com_search results
Components 33099 Wrong config calls for cookie settings in languagefilter and logout plugin
Components 33732 unnecessary ternary
Components 33797 Wrong return path when trying to edit a checked out article - frontend
Joomla! Libraries 33811 Undefined index & Invalid argument supplied for foreach() Wincache Joomla 3.3
Modules 33389 Banner tracking not incrementing the #__banner_tracks count column . Issue and fix
Modules 33696 Don't use deprecated $app->getCfg in the frontend modules
None 29425 Supported document types missing in htaccess and web.config
None 29562 Banner details shows trashed client
None 29956 com_finder predefined date filters are not working
None 30246 Error with Reply-To Name handling, names are lost
None 30478 com_finder - smart search not filtering unpublished articles
None 30587 Current Protocol not considered by JUri::base when $live_site is set
None 30747 FTP layer throwing error on update
None 31160 Use of JRequest in the Users Component Controller