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Version 3.3.1 Release Notes

Category Link Title
ACL 33562 Access to this article for registered users bypassing the ACL after the article id.
ACL 33769 com_menus doesn't respect component permissions
Administration 33641 Misleading cache time settings
Administration 32957 Remove doubled description tab in template styles
Administration 33767 Fix/Add com_banners title icons
Administration 33701 User Notes Categories - Error in menu and filter selection
Authentication and Login 33809 Remove MooTools autofocus with jQuery autofocus
Authentication and Login 33784 Add token to user reset link
CMS Libraries 33430 Cleaning up datalist for JFormfieldText
CMS Libraries 33753 complete implementation of Redis Caching
CMS Libraries 33454 JMicrodata - reset params after the display() method
CMS Libraries 30246 Error with Reply-To Name handling, names are lost
CMS Libraries 33807 JFolder::copy does not test the nonexistence of the destination folder
CMS Libraries 30587 Current Protocol not considered by JUri::base when $live_site is set
CMS Libraries 33163 Improve the JFeedFactory when the allow_url_fopen = OFF - Use CURL as alternative
CMS Libraries 32483 Can't identify browser version" notice in konqueror/4.10.3
CMS Libraries 31404 Joomla! Memcached session problem when the Memcached daemon uses a non-standard port
CMS Libraries 33836 JApplication::getHash() is wrong because the function doesn't exist.
CMS Libraries 31603 Move Observercalls from cms.php to proper table classes
CMS Libraries 33620 User selector goes wrong in user id validation

Benjamin Trenkle, Christiane Maier-Stadtherr, David Jardin, Dennis Hermacki, Elijah Madden, George Wilson, Hans Kuijpers, Jean-Marie Simonet, jelle kok, Leo Lammerink, Marcel van Beelen, Marco Richter, Nick Savov, Peter Lose, Peter Wiseman, Piotr Mocko, Roberto Segura, Roland Dalmulder, Sergio Manzi, Stefania Gaianigo, Thomas Hunziker, Thomas Jackson, Tobias Zulauf, Valentin Despa, Viktor Vogel.

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