The Joomla Platform Maintainers would like your feedback about whether, as a community, we want to change the license under which the Joomla Platform is released to the LGPL. It is felt that in moving to the LGPL, we will be able to allow more people to integrate the Joomla Platform with their software solutions, and that will translate to an increase in support for the Joomla project overall.

Please give your feedback via the Joomla Platform LGPL Survey. This survey will remain open until the 2 January 2013. After the feedback is collected and reviewed, we will publish the results in a consolidated form and make a determination about what the next steps, if any, will be.

Please note, the feedback relates only to the license of the Joomla Platform. There is no proposal to change the license of the Joomla CMS.

The Joomla Platform Maintainers thank you in advance for your valued feedback.