Welcome to the Joomla! Framework

The Joomla! Framework provides a set of files which can be used to create both web and command line applications.

Get Started

Begin your next application with the power of Joomla! today. Learn more about the download opportunities on the download page. Or, if you're ready to dive in directly you can use the Composer site and resources available through Packagist to incorporate the Framework into your application

Read Documentation

Need to learn more about a particular function or class? The documentation section will provide valuable insights into the best locations to review the code structure, class, interface and function methods and uses.

Get Support

As you incorporate the Joomla! Framework you may have questions. Find the answers you need in the various support channels available. Read more about each of these resources in the support section.

Report Problems

Every framework is constantly evolving and improving. The Joomla! Framework is no different. Issues will be found. The difference is how these issues are addressed and handled. The Joomla! Framework handles issue reporting via several areas outlined in the report issues found in this section.

Build Apps

Easily extend the Joomla! Framework by incorporating additional classes and functions. Follow the composer methodology and incorporate additional vendor packages. Build full applications and provide them back to the community to find support and increase awareness for your code.

Contribute Code

After you have started developing your code based on the Joomla! Framework, you may find areas where you would like to contribute code back to the framework. Read more about the steps necessary to get started contributing code to the framework.