The Joomla Framework incorporated support in a simple step-by-step process. You can quickly determine the best way to get help by following one of the options below

First Option: Fix it

Developers are encouraged to take an active approach with the Framework and future updates and development. If you find a problem or bug and can fix the issue directly, then you can fix the issue and submit a pull request against the package's repository.

Not sure how to get started with submitting a pull request? You can view pull request tutorials in the Joomla! Documentation wiki.

Second Option: Report it

If you find an issue in the Framework and cannot fix the issue directly then the next step is to report the problem. Issues can be reported in the Issues section of a Framework package's GitHub repository. Submitting an issue here will help everyone track issues in a central location. Add comments and respond to questions related to your issue as other developers begin assisting in writing code to fix the issue.

More information regarding reporting issues can be found here.

Other Option: Learn it

Perhaps as you're working with the Framework you find a feature or an issue that you're simply unsure of how to use. In this case it would not be appropriate to attempt either of the steps listed above. You can take advantage of the Framework mailing list where you can get help from other developers.

Be respectful and courteous in the mailing list and receive quick helpful feedback to help you better utilize the Framework to its full potential.