The Joomla Framework realizes that documentation is vital to the success of a framework and provides several resources for documentation

As the Joomla Framework evolves so does the associated documentation. New classes, functions, and more are continually being added to the fantastic growing Joomla Framework. As a result all the documentation resources below are also constantly growing and improving. The links below provide a quick way to find key resources; be sure to bookmark and return frequently to always stay up to date with the latest changes.

API Documentation

The Framework has a dynamically generated API available for all aspects of the code classes and functions. You can dig into the API documentation and begin exploring specific functions, parameters and returns.

Framework Documentation

The GitHub organization provides valuable documentation resources beyond an API and including code samples throughout the framework files. To read these samples and understand fully the classes included in the Joomla Framework you can browse the Joomla Framework GitHub organization and read each of the README files located in the various packages