Help test the latest Joomla! code.

Warning! These builds are intended for testing purposes only and should never be used on production websites.

The nightly builds are snapshots of the development activity for upcoming Joomla! releases and include new features and bug fixes scheduled for these releases. These releases are made available to make it easier for users to test their websites and extensions for potential issues with an upcoming release or to test new features and provide feedback on ways to improve them before being released to the Joomla! community.

As these builds are snapshots of the latest code, it is more likely you may encounter an issue compared to the stable releases. If you have encountered an issue, please check our issue tracker to see if it has already been reported; if a report hasn't been made, please report it so our community members can review the issue and make any needed fixes.

These packages were built based on commit 2069ac3ddcd09d7352d1c52e97116cd955716a2d
These packages were last built: Friday, 20 May 2022 02:00:27 UTC

To always use the latest version and test the update component you can use this custom update server: