In a reorganising of the Joomla! web properties, the PLT has decided to close down the Joomla! User Experience website ( This news isn’t really new news. Discussions about moving the JUX forum started in 2013 but the steps necessary to move and shut the forum down were never completed. Is the Production Leadership Team still interested in a Joomla! user’s experience? You can bet it is!

More on the Why?

The PLT feels the JUX website’s is:

  • not being utilized
  • contains a small forum which is isolated from Joomla’s main forum and users
  • no new contributions to content or the content is not being updated
  • has content which is a better fit on

What's Next?

In the coming weeks, the JUX website’s few blog posts will be moved over to and a forum board will be set up on to serve as the new place for discussing JUX topics in a forum setting. As it was in 2013, the plan is to move the old posts on JUX over to the new board on Joomla’s main forum. Of course you may always use the CMS Mail List for JUX topics too.

Thank you to all who put in time and effort towards the JUX website.