Following are the meeting notes from the Production Leadership Team meeting held on November 6th, 2013

Meeting Details

Meeting held in person in Boston (United States of America) before Joomla World Conference 2013 on November 6th, 2013, from 8:30am until 17:30pm EST.

Attendees in person: Chris Davenport, David Hurley, Michael Babker, Tom Hutchison, Javier Gómez.

Remote Attendees (via Skype): Nick Savov, Don Gilbert, Matt Thomas, Roberto Segura, Thomas Hunziker.

Absent: N/A

Welcome new board members

  1. Don Gilbert
  2. Matt Thomas
  3. Roberto Segura
  4. Thomas Hunziker

More info at:

CMS releases

  1. Joomla! 3.2 & 3.1.6
  2. Joomla! 2.5.15 and 2.5.16

PLT Roles and Responsibilities Review

  1. The team took the opportunity to review our internal roles and responsibilities documents to ensure all tasks are adequately covered and further define the tasks each team member is the primary point of contact for:

What should Joomla 4 should look like?

  1. A review of the current development strategy and release cycle is in progress with the goal of defining what we believe will be the most efficient workflow for development on the next major release series
  2. Smaller thought groups will be formed to help define a shared vision and roadmap for the series - an initial set of ideas will be formed by the PLT then shared with the community (NLT 1 December[a]) for additional thought gathering.
  3. Current working groups will continue to work on their team goals with new groups coming together with focus on actionable items for the future

Reorganize GitHub for Joomla CMS

  1. As previously announced, we will transition the CMS from "committing all patches to master branch" to "committing to staging"
  2. Jenkins CI will merge to master and the projects repo master when all tests pass
  3. Continue to build nightly packages based on master with Bleeding Edge option on hosted page
  4. Better integrate nightly package updates into update component (“dev” update path)
  5. Issue releases using master and tag (following GitFlow process)
  6. Establish GitFlow process for new ventures

Update on relicensing Framework as LGPL

E-mail sent to OSM list requesting update

Process documentation

With our personnel turnover this year and having processes rely upon single individuals, it is important to place a renewed focus on internal documentation within the team to ensure all tasks and responsibilities can be picked up on by anyone at any time. An internal documentation portal will be established where detailed documentation can be stored

2013 Goal Review and 2014 Goal Forming

Tabled for longer term e-mail discussions, to be finalized NLT 15 December

Next Meeting

Meeting schedule for the rest of the year:

  • December, 13th