After feedback from the community the PLT agreed at their meeting on Sunday 1st May 2016 to release the improvements to the Joomla Update Component, containing a reinstall button and reinstating the ability to update Joomla via file upload, as soon as possible.

With our versioning policy (available at this means that we must make a minor release. As a result rather than making a 3.5.2 release we will instead make a 3.6.0 release.

The features that originally were planned to ship with 3.6 (for example the refactored routing system and the custom fields component) will now be made in a 3.7 release. The timescale for the 3.7 release will be roughly unchanged and will still be led by Chris Davenport.

The full PLT minutes for this meeting will be published very soon in the usual reports section on the volunteer portal and will contain the planned release dates for 3.6.