Joomla Github Organisation cleanup

The Joomla! Project would like to share some changes we implemented recently in our GitHub organisation, as well as forthcoming changes that will be implemented in the near future.

GitHub Organisations Cleanup

Our GitHub organisation has grown organically over time and it was in need of a good "spring clean".

After a thorough audit of activity, we decided the best course of action was to remove inactive members and clean up our permissions to make it them both easier to maintain and use.

We have started removing unused or empty repositories and also inactive teams. We have worked on the "Joomla!", "Joomla! Extensions", and "Joomla! Projects" Organisations so far.

The next step is to remove all members of our organisations who are not active in at least one team of the GitHub organisation(s) they have access to. Our goal is to keep our permission management maintainable, usable and as relevant as possible. This is not a ban or a sanction in any way. If you find you have had your permissions revoked it is simply because of inactivity in that organisation.  Should you become active again and need your permissions reinstated, please send your access request to your Team Leader. Our current progress and plans can be viewed in this Google Doc.

Once inactives have been removed from our organisations, our plan is to contact all teams to ensure that their repo(s) are still needed/used and that the list of team members with permission to access the repo(s) is accurate.

We hope that you understand the need for this work and that team leads will cooperate with this much needed process when their assistance is needed.