Joomla 3.9

As previously announced here, the Joomla Project is working on a GDPR oriented release including tools to help you with the privacy of your websites.

What would include this Privacy tool suite?

We intend to add the following privacy tools to Joomla 3.9:

  • Provide an API for extension developers so they can report the data they collect and this info can be displayed in the new com_privacy extension (Core API Project Board)
  • Gain the consent of the registered users (form plugin), track their consent, log their activities, take care about the consent retention time (com_privacy; Backend) (Consent Project Board)
  • Facilitate your workflow related to your user requests (Information Requests Projet Board):
    • Make it easier to the users to submit information requests (com_privacy; Frontend) #10
    • Track the status of the users requests (com_privacy; Backend) #15
    • Let the user access and download their data (com_privacy; Frontend) #3

You can find more information about these tools in the Privacy Framework repository.

Note: Due to the short timeline for this release and its purpose, we would like to inform you that only policy related features will be merged to 3.9. Pull Requests which have been previously merged to the existing 3.9 branch (now the 3.10 release) will be evaluated for inclusion in this release as well.
If you want to propose a new feature for Joomla, we invite you to do it toward the Joomla 4 branch.

How can you help?

Joomla needs your help!
We invite you to join the dedicated repository and comment on the Issues and Pull Requests as well as on the Project Boards to help in making this release a success for the project.
We are looking for coders to write code, testers to provide quality assurance for the release, copywriters to write the feature documentation.

How can you help as extension developer

You are an extension developer and your extension processes personal data? Please join the discussion and the Project Board about the Core API.

How can you help as coder

As most of the features need to be developed, please join the discussions and help the project team to by reviewing & testing the PRs and give feedback.

How can you help without contributing code

Not all the work is in code. For example the marketing & documentation teams need help to set up all the release marketing, and to document the upcoming features. If you are willing to help with these areas, please get in touch with the marketing team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Michael Babker will be Joomla 3.9 Release Lead.

Don’t forget you can download and test the upcoming versions on the nightly builds page.