Joomla CMS Repository on GitHub

In preparation for the upcoming 3.9 and 3.10 releases, we’ve updated our repository on GitHub to allow work to continue on our future releases.

As previously announced, the 3.9 release will be primarily focused on our privacy tool suite, however this release will also include some previously approved and merged pull requests originally targeted for what is now the 3.10 release. However, the existing 3.9-dev branch also contains numerous pull requests which need to be moved to the new 3.10-dev branch and not included in the 3.9 release.

Therefore, we have decided to delete the old 3.9-dev branch and create a fresh branch from our staging branch. This means users who have made a git clone or fork on GitHub of the joomla-cms repository will need to update their clones and forks to reflect this change. For most users, they will need to delete their existing 3.9-dev branch, pull the changes from our joomla-cms repository, and check out the new 3.9-dev branch. When they pull the changes from our repository, they will also pull the new 3.10-dev branch. Existing pull requests based on the old 3.9-dev branch will still be valid against the new 3.10-dev branch and those pull requests have also been updated to reflect these branch updates.

The 3.9 release team and Production Department team leaders will evaluate the remaining open pull requests and some may selectively be included in the 3.9 release as well. However, the primary focus will be on the privacy tool suite and as such we will be selective in the pull requests which are accepted to ensure a 3.9 release can be made as quickly as possible once the tool suite is ready for release.