Bye Bye JoomlaCode!

The last few years the JoomlaCode system has been running in a minimized version of itself and been waiting for a final complete shutdown moment. See:
This moment is very close now, and we will start removing all non-joomla CMS related translation projects.

The Joomla CMS translation projects with the language packs will be removed as the last action prior to shutting down the system. Before we close the system, all language packs will be moved to the Downloads website ( This is the new hub to download all translations, next to the Joomla installation packages, and official extensions.

A component ( has been created to make the Language Pack management possible within the Downloads website. This enables the Translation Teams to upload new language packs. Joomla users can use the language packs link to manually download the language packs or use the existing feature to directly install languages via the backend.

Are you an extension developer and do you still use JoomlaCode? Or are you looking for a replacement system to manage your extension(s)? We encourage you to give GitHub a try. It’s a great tool to manage your extension code-wise, with versioning, release options and other features: The Joomla Magazine team has published a beginner article about this (with links to useful resources):

Upcoming Actions:

  • All extension developers with published extensions in the JED still linking to JoomlaCode will be notified to update their listing.
  • All projects within JoomlaCode will be removed one by one, to the point where only the CMS Translations projects are left.
  • We will be reaching out to Translations Teams to onboard them onto the new Downloads Platform (but for now don’t worry and keep uploading your packs to JoomlaCode!)
  • The language packs and related information will be imported to the new location on the Download website and removed from JoomlaCode.
  • The JoomlaCode system will be completely removed and the domain name gets redirected.

We intend to achieve these actions within the following months, starting with the first two actions. So do you still use JoomlaCode for developing your extensions? Get ready to wave JoomlaCode goodbye!