Before Joomla 4, the exact date and time of Joomla's release was a closely guarded secret. One reason was the fear of missing the date set beforehand. But with better release methods, the growth of the CMS Release team and stronger guidance from the Production Department Coordinators, this fear has proved unfounded.

So we came up with a provisional timetable for the releases with the dates for Alpha, Beta and Release candidates.

Theory and reality often diverge when the plan is enacted, and with the knowledge we now have, it has been decided to amend the timetable for Joomla 5 and add one more Alpha, Alpha 4, on 22 August.

There will be 2 Betas and then the Release candidate, with the final release still on the 17th of October, 2023.

All the remaining dates are as follows

  • Alpha 4 - 22. Aug 2023
  • Beta 1 - 5 September 2023
  • Beta 2 - 19 September 2023
  • RC1 - 3 October 2023
  • Release - 17 October 2023

To avoid any confusion, we will link all the previous timetables for Joomla 5 to this article with a warning that the timetable has changed.

As always, we could do with testers and documentation writers as well as participants at the upcoming Pizza Bugs and Fun on the 26th of August, 2023.

If you need any further information, please do ask in the town square on Mattermost.