• Project: Joomla!
  • SubProject: libraries
  • Severity: Critical
  • Versions: 1.5.6 and all previous 1.5 releases
  • Exploit type: Variable Injection 
  • Reported Date: 2008-September-7 
  • Fixed Date: 2008-September-9


A flaw in JRequest exists where variables set with JRequest::setVar are not cleaned when fetching the variable at a later point in the request.  This can result in variable injection (unwanted characters injected into returned data).

3PD Concerns

3PD extensions which use JRequest do not need to change anything for proper function.

Affected Installs

All 1.5.x installs prior to and including 1.5.6 are affected.


Upgrade to latest Joomla! version (1.5.7 or newer).


The JSST at the Joomla! Security Centre.

Reported By: Joomla! Development Coordinator Andrew Eddie