Category Issue # Title
Installation and Updating 32179 Version comparison in installer is not future proof
Installation and Updating 33230 Extension Manager reports warning if memory_limit set to -1
Installation and Updating 33236 Extension Manager reports warning if memory_limit set to -1
Javascript 32265 Update chosen.js to v0.14
Languages and Strings 32829 The statistics popup form com_finder is not full translatable
Languages and Strings 33368 *Wrong sprintf prevents escaping single quotes in tabs language strings values
Layouts 32748 JPagination hardcoded html
Layouts 33193 Content plugins cannot distinguish between category list title and description in 3.2
Layouts 33306 Don't allow autocomplete on two-factor authentication field
Layouts 33337 show_tags param is not obeyed in Content Category view
None 33096 Improved Joomla! extensions update handling of paid for extensions
None 33277 Using Punycode.js as a named module in RequireJS
None 33279 Update to jQuery 1.11.0
None 33326 Resolve Editor throwing error
None 33330 Stop repeating form field fieldsets from creating a new tab
None 33387 Update TinyMCE to 4.0.18
Plugins 33255 TinyMCE Update to 4.0.16
Search Engine Friendly 32526 Smart Search: wrong URL with wrong itemID for multilingual site and SEF enabled
Templates 33241 Tiny modification to add class
User Interface 30490 Spacer field with hr=true doesn't show the line in component/template settings

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