Joomla! has a thriving community to provide unparalleled community support. Below are some of the ways you can find answers to your questions and get specific help.

Joomla! Forums

The Joomla! discussion forums are a great place to ask questions about your Joomla! website. With over 600,000 members there are sure to be people ready and able to answer any questions you may have. If you are unsure of where to look first, check out the forums.

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Mailing Lists

Another active source of information are the Joomla! Mailing Lists. These mailing lists are a great way to send an email to a large number of helpful Joomla! members. Below are the two main mailing lists available along with their primary purpose.

General Mailing
If you have general questions about Joomla, how to use it, or how to integrate it, then this mailing list will allow you to quickly ask your question. You can also keep track of others questions and start to become more involved with others in this great community.

General Mailing List

CMS Mailing
If there are questions you have which are directly related to the CMS then this mailing list can be a great source of answers and advice. Trade tips and insights with other CMS users on this CMS specific mailing list.

CMS Mailing List

Tracker Issues

Beyond the forums and mailing lists there is also the option of posting a problem, or bug to the Joomla! Tracker. This issue tracker provides a great opportunity to post a specific or known bug in the CMS and get answers and code back (as well as providing specific code solutions to the next CMS release).

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