Joomla Hackathon July 24-25th 2015

Join Joomla! and jQuery on July 24-25 for an Open Source Hackathon!

Welcome to the Joomla! Hackathon! Whether you've been writing code for a long time, or are just getting started, we have plenty of ways for you to contribute to Open Source Projects. All you need is a github account, and you can get started finding, fixing, and testing bugs for the Joomla! CMS. What's even better, you can win free tickets to the open source 2015 Joomla! World Conference in Bangalore, India, on November 6-8, just for participating!

If you're new to code or bug bashing, check our sections below for easy ways to contribute by reporting bugs, or even testing bug fixes. Other people have written the code, we just need you to help test it to make sure it works!

If you're more experienced and would like to dive in and fix bugs yourself, we've created an easy list of existing bugs that you can help fixing - or you can try to find bugs of your own and report them.

To make sure that you qualify for free tickets to the 2015 Joomla! World Conference, make sure that you include the hashtag #jquery15 in your commit comments, test comments, and tracker comments so that we can contact you.

When is it?


Hackathon : 24 July, at 14:15 IST - 25 July, at 14:15 IST.

Project Demos & Contest Winners Announced : 25 July 16:00 IST.

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jQuery Conference India 2015
Joomla! World Conference