The Joomla Framework is evolving rapidly and milestones are being set and achieved extremely quickly. Below are a few upcoming key milestones and goals

Major Milestones for Version 1

Namespace the Joomla Platform and release as the new Joomla Framework.

Allow each package to be installed with Composer.

Publish the Joomla Framework on

Major Milestones for Version 2

Change the license of the code to LGPL.

Review how individual packages are to be maintained (individually or monolithically).

2013 Goals

Complete all the README files in each package to provide basic information and code snippets for how to use the package.

Increase code coverage of all packages to at least 50%.

Make several skeleton applications that can be installed with Composer:

  • A simple command line application
  • A simple web site application
  • A simple web services application

Devise a new event handling system.