Recently, a number of examples have been added to the Joomla Platform repository under joomla-platform-examples. These show how to build very simple command line applications with the new Joomla Platform. While this was possible using the framework in the Joomla CMS, it's now far easier with the dedicated JCli class. Since these are working examples, it makes it very easy for any developer to jump into building command line applications when the need arises.

Currently there are three example "CLI's":


This is just a simple command line example that shows you how to bootstrap the command line application to output the obligatory "Hello world".


This example show you how to access and handle command line arguments within the application.


This example shows how to include an access a configuration.php file in a command line application.

If you have any simple examples that you'd like to include, all you need to do is fork the Joomla Platform repository and make a pull request with those changes. We'd love to see what you can come up with help other developers learn how to use the Joomla Platform.