Following are the meeting notes from the Production Leadership Team meeting held on August 16, 2013. 

Meeting Details

Meeting held via Skype on August 16, 9 pm UTC.

Attendees: Chris Davenport, Michael Babker, Nick Savov, Tom Hutchison, Javier Gomez, David Hurley, Mark Dexter.

Unable to attend:  Ron Severdia.

Framework Report

  1. We are at beta 2. The day before the meeting, Don Gilbert added a DI Container and Services Provider package. This was really one of the big things holding us up on moving forward to a stable Joomla Framework. Now that we have this code, we'll get hot on working through the backlog (, primarily decoupling the old JFactory and getting a stable version out.

Documentation Report

  1. The roadmap of the Joomla Documentation can be found at
  2. During this period we have begun investigation in the possibilities to translate documentation.
  3. We will create an interim wiki to document processes and Joomla server cron jobs.

Bug Squad Report

  1. The PBF event ( went really well. We had a great turn out and a lot of new contributors learning the ropes.
  2. GForge in JoomlaCode has been updated. Tony and the rest of the GForge team has been super responsive and have helped a lot in the process. Lot's of bugs have been fixed and there are some new features

Joomla 3.2

  1. We want to release Joomla 3.2 the last week of September
  2. We should freeze and push a beta on September 1st
  3. The feature freeze will be August 26th. Features don't have to be perfect at that point. Just good enough to be accepted. It seems that we are going to have a massive feature release.
  4. Ideally 3.2 will be as stable as it was 2.5 in the sense that from 3.2 to 3.5 we plan not to add features but concentrate in maintenance (fixing bugs). That will give time to people to think deep in what we want for Joomla 4.0. Last time we had very little time from Joomla 2.5 until 3.0. So now we will have the time starting in 3.2. and passing through 3.5 before releasing 4.0.

GSoC (Google Summer of Code) 2013

  1. Almost all of the projects are going very well. We already have merged code. We've also had very positive feed back from community testers.
  2. This year seems that we have a lot of great GSoC projects. Between September 16th and 26th is suggested "pencils down".
  3. We recognise the excellent job done by the mentors, and specially the work done by Elin and Chad coordinating the programme.
  4. We plan to be flexible for 3.5 for any GSOC features that are not quite ready for 3.2

Tracker Update

  1. The current code is in pretty strong shape, it's waiting for the Framework to implement the new DI code
  2. We're getting close to being beta ready

Unit Testing for CMS working Group

  1. On Jenkins we dropped all the old Platform jobs and we're looking at getting the Selenium suite running on it and using it for building test packages (aka nightly builds)… once ready, we can do it every 12/24 hours.
  2. We are good to start unit testing PHP 5.5 on Travis once they update to PHP 5.5.1
  3. In terms of Unit Testing coverage, shows our unit testing coverage report, it basically breaks down what parts of what code is unit tested… note the unit tests are only running on libraries/ and the FinderIndexer classes right now
  4. At the present moment, for system testing we are covering most of the back end functionality. We are now working on increasing the front end coverage. We don't have coverage reports for system testing.

Web Services Working Group

  1. Matias Aguirre has been working on OAuth2

Vote for David Hurley to join PLT

  1. With unanimous consent we invite David to join the PLT. Welcome David :)

Ron Severdia ending his PLT term

  1. We want to let everyone know that Ron Severdia, after ending his yearly term, decided not to renew for a another year as a PLT member. We want to thank Ron for his years serving on the PLT, and also for the time and effort Ron has given to strengthen Joomla and its community (!topic/joomla-leadership/hEVFF2uQ-Q0).

UX Team

  1. No updates for the moment.

Next Meeting

Meeting closed around 11:00 pm UTC. Some topics have been moved to the next meeting.

Meeting schedule for the rest of the year:

  • 6 September
  • 4 October
  • 1 November