As was announced earlier this year, the Joomla! project is actively working toward shutting down In addition to assisting existing users with migrating data, we have also been busy managing our own data as well and would like to provide this update on our progress.

Issue Tracker

With the assistance of many community members, we have updated our com_code component to provide a read-only archive of the project's issue data from late 2007 until the switch to our own issue tracker in 2014. This archive is published here on the Developer Network.

Downloads Hosting

We have been working on a new site which will become our portal for the CMS and translation package downloads. As to be expected, this has been a somewhat slow process to migrate several thousand packages between hosting platforms as well as import all the relevant metadata for the project's 110+ releases of the CMS and corresponding translation packages.

Work continues on this major project and help is always welcome. The main tasks revolve around getting data out of JoomlaCode, be it to manage redirecting traffic or getting all of the release data imported into the new platform. If you are interested in supporting this, please contact a member of the Production Leadership Team.

User Support

As always, we will work with users with projects on JoomlaCode to help them backup any data they may need. Our com_code component for Joomla! 3 can be used as a static archive for JoomlaCode issue trackers and contains helper classes for interfacing with the JoomlaCode SOAP APIs. If you have any questions or comments regarding the shutdown, please raise them on the Joomla General Development mailing list.