The Joomla! Bug Squad (JBS) is pleased to announce the addition of the new Bug Squad Co-Leader. We welcome Tobias Zulauf to the team.

Leading the JBS is a big task. The group is large and there are many tasks at hand. Combine this with a position in the Production Leadership Team (PLT), you will soon see that there are not enough hours in a day for one person. We needed to find help for Roland Dalmulder - PLT member and current JBS lead.

The main focus of Tobias will be maintaining the issue tracker. This will ensure we have an up-to-date issue tracker. The PLT is looking forward to the progress Tobias will make.

The JBS is responsible for identifying and fixing bugs within Joomla. Joomla! Bug Squad is a team within the Production Working Groups. Their job is to identify and fix bugs in Joomla. This includes the following:

The Bug Squad is also supporting with testing and quality assurance when a new major or minor version is developed. Generally speaking the bug-squad is in the lead when a version switches from beta-stage to the stable-stage within the development cycle of Joomla!

Tobias Zulauf, co-leader of the Joomla! Bug Squad

Most of you know him as zero-24 on the forums and on GitHub. Currently Tobias is a trainee as specialist for system integration in Germany. He has been involved with Joomla! since 2011, as he began to use Joomla and give support at German forums. In 2013 he became an active Joomla Bug Squad member and code contributor. Outside of core development he is active in the German part of Joomla! Land. He is an moderator in the German forum ( and a team member of the Joomla Bugs DE Project ( This is where Germans can submit bugs and patches in their own language which get confirmed and transferred to the official Joomla Tracker (