CMS Release Team is looking for Volunteers

The Joomla! CMS Release Team is intended for experienced Joomla! users and developers who want to help testing releases of the CMS before it will be published.

Role information

As a volunteer CMS Release-Team member, you will:

  • Test releases of the CMS before they are published, especially CMS Releases that include security fixes
  • Help improving the release process and the automation of the process
  • Help to make sure that all needed information is available for the community

Minimum qualifications

We are looking for people with a track record of positive contributions to Joomla. Some of the criteria that will be used when evaluating nominations include:

  • Having access to a large number of real life sites to test a release - Candidates should work in the area of supporting clients with running their websites and are able to test releases in real life scenarios.
  • Contributions to the development process - Candidates should have a demonstrated track record of participating in and contributing to the Joomla development process. This can be in the form of coding, documentation, localization, or helping with communications and facilitation.
  • Predisposition to teamwork - Candidates should have the demonstrated consistent ability to work constructively and positively with the wide variety of people in the Joomla community.
  • Ability to devote time to the project - Candidates should be able to devote enough time to the project to be effective. It is very important that candidates are available close to a release date.

Nomination form

Nomination time is over, but you can get in Contact with Robert Deutz directly, just email: robert.deutz(at)