Below are some details regarding the Joomla Issue Tracker and how to use it effectively.

NOTE: This page details the process for the Joomla Issue Tracker project only. If your issue pertains to the Joomla! CMS, please see the Report an Issue page for the CMS.

Find an Issue

Every project is going to have issues arise that need to be resolved. Joomla is no different. Realizing that issues will be found is the first step in the process of making Joomla better. When you are working on things and find something you think might be a problem these are the steps you should follow.

Check Existing Issues

The first thing to check is the existing issues and see if someone else has already reported the issue you've found. This check is a relatively simple process. First you will need to create an account on if you do not have one. Once logged in you can perform a search on existing issues by using the search bar located at the top of the page,

Create New Issue

After you've done a search and verified that no one else has reported a similar issue you can create a new item. The button to create a new tracker item is located at the top of the issues page next to the search bar. Additionally, you can use this new issue link to go directly to the issue creation page. Be sure to be descriptive so other users can easily replicate the issue.