Category Issue # Title
Forms 31881 Can not add class attribute to options in JForm list field
Forms 33008 Wrong filtertype in com_contact form
Forms 33033 *Label and description can't be set to not translate
Forms 33167 Value attribute ignored in calendar form field
Forms 33183 Field type of ImageList is not filtering images
Front End 33160 *Articles missing for admins in front end (master)
Installation and Updating 33027 *Cleaning up installation lang files + re-enabling javascript check at install time
Installation and Updating 33079 Joomla installation SQL contains wrong parameter value for com_users
Installation and Updating 33106 spinner not appearing while installing language
Languages and Strings 31857 Smart search plugins
Languages and Strings 32791 *Wrong language string when installing Joomla
Languages and Strings 32819 The Content reiter at the Back- and Frontend are inconsistent
Languages and Strings 33221 *Adapt language to new user language for mail message when creating user in back-end
Layouts 33158 Missing modal-body div closing tag
Media Manager 32935 Change editor image button to use semantic captions
Modules 32638 Improving code for Smart Search Module
Modules 33075 mod_breadcrumbs shows "You are here" as tooltip instead as text
None 31873 [JAPPS*] [NOT-A-FR] [SERVER] Server-side implementation (that's where the server-side review can be done)
None 31874 [JAPPS*] [2] [UX] "Install from web" Joomla installer: UX and phase 1 version 1 UI (User interface only)
None 31875 [JAPPS*] [1] [CLIENT] Add "Install from web" installation method to Joomla installer (client-side impllementation)