Category Issue # Title
None 32376 Login Redirect Loop
None 32684 Allow commercial (for a fee) components to use the Joomla! extensions update feature
None 32996 AJAX Component Broken for many extensions
None 33010 The Admin Menu Item Joomla! Update Not Translating
None 33016 No Extension Manager entry for PHPass [3.2.x]
None 33047 *Updating TinyMCE to version 4.0.12
None 33081 Get rid of including phpunit classes from pear
None 33086 *Guest Access should not be available for Content Languages
None 33095 *Improving multilanguage status module errors
None 33132 Wrong menu item id is assigned to article links when language filter enabled.
None 33154 Manifest install sql file with whitespace fails
None 33159 Add support for checking minimum PHP version in XML update stream
None 33175 *Content Languages: prevent saving white spaces for url language code and Language Tag
Plugins 32443 Wrong class for ‘Cookie Liftime’ button in plg : System - Language Filter
Plugins 33001 PHP notice when languagecode plugin is published
Plugins 33055 If pagebreak added to article a Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$toc in pagebreak.php is created
SQL Files 33034 Correct default values for joomla.sql to match current system
Templates 33088 Incorrect order of copyright notice in Isis admin template
User Interface 32770 Export Banner Tracks view is broken
User Interface 32892 remove empty column in User Manager: Viewing Access Levels