Category Issue # Title
Search Engine Friendly 33829 URL rewriting of missing files results in misleading "500" (internal server error) response code
Templates 32063 Added support to change link color in isis template (backend)
Templates 32396 IE switches to IE7 rendering mode (Isis)
Templates 33882 Template hathor W3C validator error
Templates 33883 HTML validator error on isis login
Templates 33893 W3C error validation for template isis on error page
User Interface 33328 @media css for modal windows on iPhone
User Interface 33731 Image preview exceeding with of tooltip
User Interface 33830 [imp] Improve the default view in com_joomlaupdate
User Interface 33867 Moving Joomla part on the update notice form com_installer to com_joomlaupdate
User Interface 33941 Nicer sysinfo icon in administration
User Interface 33942 Consistent use of clearfix in com_installer
User Interface 33944 Responsive tweaks to com_languages