Category Issue # Title
Database 33916 Possible SQL error on the collation test
Forms 28256 JHtmlGrid::id with $stub support
Forms 29956 com_finder predefined date filters are not working
Front End 32458 Intro Image with caption does not float
Front End 33842 Atom feed renderer does not convert relative to absolute URLs
Front End 33927 Modal.js bug in firefox
Front End 33974 *Profile dob_spacer should not show when displaying profile in frontend
Installation and Updating 32742 Update messages renders in
Installation and Updating 33344 [3.x] Wrong filename detection of Content-Disposition URL headers
Javascript 32762 Inefficient jQuery selectors in treeselectmenu
Javascript 33693 email.cloak javascript cause problem on ajax request
Layouts 33945 Fix empty icons div in single article view
Layouts 33975 [3.x] Regression. Not rendering attribs fieldset if params fieldset exist
Modules 32055 mod_custom missing options
Modules 33822 "Similar Tags" module ignores access permissions for selecting tagged articles
Modules 33868 Module "Popular tags" doesn't consider publishing status
Modules 33951 Templates with a single position won't have it listed when editing modules
None 33272 Add date filter to Most Read Content module (mod_articles_popular)
None 33321 Add labels in language & installer manager help us easily choose items.
None 33446 Move readmore button to layouts